Freezer Package #2


Sold per package.



✔ 1 Jumbo Roasting Chicken
✔ 5lb Hip Roast
✔ 2 x 16oz of Sirloin Steak
✔ 3lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
✔ 4 x 8oz of Butterfly Pork Chops
✔ 9 pieces of Fresh Sausage
✔ 1 Meaty Pork Back Rib
✔ 4 x 8oz of Striploin Steaks
✔ 4 x 8oz of Breaded Pork Schnitzels
✔ 10lbs of Lean Ground Beef
✔ 2lbs of Meaty Breakfast Bacon

Please put requests under the note section. By default packages will be done in 1lb or 2pc per pack. Sausages will be Octoberfest or Mild Italian.